The often amusing and touching film, opening Friday and inspired by screenwriter Will Reiser’s battle with the devastating illness, also features Reiser’s pal, Seth Rogen doubling as producer , as well as Bryce Dallas Howard and Anjelica Huston. What made you pursue this role? I should say the role was offered to me over Christmas I then met with director Jonathan Levine, and I just got really excited about the character. At a certain point, I was confused because someone had told me my character was based on a real person and that my dad in the movie was a therapist, so I was just a therapist because I thought that I had to be one. It was just a movie that showed things really honestly, particularly how things could be perversely funny in this situation. I liked how vulnerable Katherine was: how thin her facade of confidence was, her kind of softness and vulnerability just at the edge of this confidence. It was just exciting to play someone who was a little more lost, who was really sympathetic or empathetic, I suppose, and who just wanted to help people but was going about it in all the wrong ways.

Movie Review: 50/50

Disappointingly, the cancer-stricken protagonist, played by the extremely capable Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has learned nothing by the end of the film except that he is damn lucky. Medical drama, evidenced by countless powerful TV shows and films, is reliable material. Writer Will Reiser takes a risk opting for laughs.

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Spoilers ahead! Gordon-Levitt’s thoughtful portrayal of year-old cancer patient Adam takes him on a journey from diagnosis to recovery, breaking up with girlfriend Rachael Bryce Dallas Howard and sparking a new relationship with therapist-in-training Katherine Anna Kendrick along the way. The budding romance is only teased, however, as the two never seal the deal with a kiss. It’s about a guy’s battle with cancer. If it turned into a love story at the end, we would be betraying what the movie is about.

That kiss is the start of another movie. Kendrick, in fact, was relieved she didn’t have to smooch Gordon-Levitt, as they’d become good friends after weeks of filming together. We were thinking about just trying it as an option,” she explained.

Rogen: I’m not like 50/50 womaniser

The film is loosely inspired by Reiser’s own experience with cancer, with Rogen’s character Kyle based on Rogen himself. It was filmed from February to March While Kyle is brash and outspoken, Adam is more introverted and mild-mannered. After experiencing strong pains in his back, Adam is diagnosed with schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma , a malignant cancerous tumor in his spine, and must undergo chemotherapy. After Adam reveals this, his mother Diane, who nurses her Alzheimer’s -stricken husband Richard, offers to care for him.

In addition to hyperkalemia, hypoaldosteronism is usually associated with a mild metabolic Greenberg S, Reiser IW, Chou SY, Porush JG. Amelioration of hyperchloremic acidosis with furosemide therapy in patients with.

By DR. As a psychologist, relationship expert and a psychotherapist for 20 years I specialize in dating and relationships. I am an author and run a dating school. When diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer, I had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation and lost all my hair. At that time I was a mom of a one year old and a three year old and had been married six years.

Relationships are very important and good ones can provide fun, vitality, support and meaning, especially during the challenging times of breast cancer.

The Patriot

But, judging by the end result, he delivers a heartfelt but not always convincing or satisfying film. Gordon-Levitt plays Adam I wish he answered to another name , a guy who gets sick with a rare form of cancer, while Seth Rogen is the best friend Kyle, who will not leave his side. The screenwriter includes many pop culture references in the dialogue, which seem natural for his young, well-educated characters. Healthcare, meanwhile, has advanced to the point that cancer patients get perky and determined twenty-four-year-old therapists like Katie, who has her own snazzy office in which they can relax and express all their fears.

This is especially evident in the first act, in which Gordon-Levitt is diagnosed, and Levine overextends himself in trying to convince that things are not going to get heavy. He seems to be most concerned in assuring viewers that not much is actually at stake.

The chance for Adam’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) survival is 50/50, but the rating for Adam’s therapist, Katherine (Anna Kendrick), points out the callousness of tells him about cyber stalking her ex-boyfriend, and eventually dates him. filming and the screenplay written by the real-life Adam, Will Reiser.

Movies about characters suffering from cancer are nothing new. Tales of dying individuals have won Oscars, built reputations, and sold millions of boxes of tissues. Finding a unique niche in this crowded field is a challenge, but director Jonathan Levine, working from a script by Will Reiser, has uncovered one. The key to his approach: treat life with cancer not as a tragedy but as a comedy, but do it with dignity and respect.

Not an easy thing, to be sure. Too much humor and we lose the characters.

Laughter is the best medicine

Will Reiser, a close friend of co-lead and co-producer Seth Rogen, wrote the screenplay after his own cancer diagnosis, which lends the film a sense of realism. As the movie opens, year-old Adam appears to have everything: a great job, a pretty girlfriend, and a carefree, lovable best friend. He plans to settle into domesticity with his girlfriend, Rachael, by clearing out a drawer for her in his apartment.

The protagonist works as a writer and producer for public radio in Seattle. He also tries to exert control over his physical wellbeing by focusing on a healthy diet and daily exercise.

The comedy has been written by Seth’s friend Will Reiser, based on his own Seth, Will and Anna Kendrick, who plays a therapist in the film, he still was dating girls and a lot of funny stuff happened because of those two.

Going into this interview, I pretty much had one goal in mind: become friends with Seth Rogen. BYT: First off, I loved the movie. BYT: Will, this was based your experience. How closely did this follow how things actually went down? Also, the way in which my friends and I used humor to cope, and how at that time in my life I was incredibly neurotic.

Seth would describe me as annoying. So, we took it out.

Is it true? Well, ’50/50′

Despite the movie being about cancer, you cannot have a film with Seth Rogen “Pineapple Express” and “The Green Hornet” and not expect it to have a few jokes in it. This is definitely not “Beaches” or “Steel Magnolias. Rogen plays Adam’s co-worker and best friend, Kyle, who uses Adam’s cancer to pick up women — for Adam, but mostly for himself — because what else is cancer good for than guilting women who would usually not date you into doing so.

Even Adam’s mother tires to use his cancer to get the air conditioning in the hospital turned down. When Adam first learns he has cancer he tries to give Rachael the opportunity to leave — Adam is really a sweet guy and Gordon-Levitt does an excellent job portraying all the emotions that come with the part — but she says she loves Adam and will be with him to the end because it would be mean to break up with someone once you find out they have cancer.

This is the one part of the movie I thought was a little too harsh on Rachael’s character.

Will Reiser, a close friend of co-lead and co-producer Seth Rogen, wrote the He starts seeing the recommended psychologist, Katherine McCay. But when Kyle starts using his caretaker role on women to get dates, Adam gets annoyed.

So, when Reiser got cancer, they took it on in the same spirit. It is not a factual re-telling of the real-life story but it is an authentic portrayal of the feelings of young men who have not even figured out how to live when they are confronted with thinking about the possibility of death. Can a man who is not very good at taking care of himself take care of his friend? Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role.

Reiser and Rogen sat down with a small group of journalists at the Georgetown Ritz hotel to talk about the movie. For me, it was dysfunctional and crazy and no one really knew what to say and then I got better and was left with this aftermath of all this. At that time I was very neurotic and worried about everything. Seth would describe me as annoying. That emotional arc — Adam is very much an extension of me and what I went through.

A lot of that scene we figured out as we rehearsed it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt came in at the last minute, arrived at 11, stayed up all night talking about the part, and was rehearsing and getting fitted for the costume and wig two days later. He never asked him behavioral things, but he did ask him about emotional things.

It’s more than an even bet you’ll like ’50/50′

Seth Rogen is famous for his all-burping, all-farting gross-out comedies. But occasionally real life out-grosses even a Seth Rogen movie. Take, for example, the time he was told his friend Will Reiser had cancer. Another friend had already phoned Rogen to warn him that Reiser was going to call with the bad news.

As a psychologist, relationship expert and a psychotherapist for 20 also a movie called, 50/50 about dating with cancer written by Will Reiser.

Jonathan Levine dir. Will Reiser writer. Michael Giacchino music. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Chris Helcermanas-Benge. Our reviews below:. The fact that it never once delves into manipulative melodrama makes it almost miraculous. This is a genuine balancing act to be sure, but it is one masterfully pulled off by writer Will Reiser and director Jonathan Levine. Or as I like to call it, the film that should have won the audience award at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

Early on in the film, year-old Adam Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hit with the news that he has a rare form of spinal cancer. His mother Anjelica Huston wants to move in. But when he tells Kyle Seth Rogen the news, his best friend starts using humour and the prospect of picking up girls to help them both through the rough time. Adam is also assigned to a young therapist working towards her doctorate, Katherine Anna Kendrick , and the two start reaching out to each other in a way that goes beyond their weekly appointments.

What’s On Tuesday

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A film directed by Jonathan Levine; written by Will Reiser. On general release recovering from his surgery and dating his therapist Katherine.

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50/50’s Seth Rogen and Will Reiser Talk Friendship and “Amazing” Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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